Kitchen Sink Toys

Kitchen Sink Toys— With color-changing accessories and automatic water circulation system function, it is a hot selling item online.


1.Color-changing accessories: when the water temperature rises above 33℃, the color of accessories changes from dark to light. The color orientation is lightened when warm water is added. The temperature-induced change in color alerts parents to add warm water in time. Using warm water to play has the potential to prevent children from contracting cold.

2.Automatic water circulation system: the water sink toy comes with an upgraded real faucet and an automatic water circulation system which helps to save water. When kids press the 180° routing faucet, the water will flow from the faucet.

Sink Dimension: 40.5×27.5×29cm

Packing Size: 39.5×27.5×11cm

Carton Size: 68×58×42cm

GW/NW: 13/12


CBM: 0.166

Packing: paper card

Battery: 2×1.5V AA (not included)

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